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The SOE Alumni Association supports SOE’s mission of effectively preparing educators and other education personnel for professional performance in diverse cultural contexts. It serves as a connection for which SOE alumni can give back to their alma mater by sharing their talents, resources, etc. in different SOE events. It further serves as a source for developing alumni pride, spirit, and life-long commitments to the School of Education.

SOE Alumni Association Officers: Pictured left row (front): Dr. Darlene Roberto, Treasurer; Martha Sudo, Secretary; and Dr. Lourdes P. Klitzkie, Advisor. Pictured right row (front): Rose Cruz Castro, President; Margaret Beem, Vice President, and Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera, Webmaster.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guam IRA President Joins the SOE Alumni Association

We are pleased to announce that the Guam IRA President, Jonathan Pilarca, became one of SOE Alumni Association's newest members on October 30, 2012. Congratulations Jonathan!

Pictured L-R:  Jonathan Pilarca, Guam IRA President; and Martha Sudo, Secretary for both SOE Alumni Association & Guam IRA.  Pilarca is a 2005 Presidential Awardee of Excellence of Mathetmatics & Science Teacher for U.S.Territories. This is a prestigious award given by the U.S. President.

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