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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alumni Survey Results

95% of UOG graduates are employed, and 56% earn more than $40K per year.

The University of Guam Office of Development and Alumni Affairs and the Office of Academic Assessment and Institutional Research have released the results of an Alumni Survey conducted in the 2014 Spring Semester. The purpose of the survey was to identify the employment status and work placement of our graduates, and the perceived usefulness of the degree and University education.
Several samples of alumni surveys from other institutions were reviewed and used as a base template for designing the UOG survey instrument.  Faculty, Deans and Senior Management were consulted in the design of the instrument.  The IRB reviewed the proposed study and determined that it was exempt from further IRB review.
The survey instrument was created in Qualtrics, an online survey system.  A web link to the survey was created and emailed to alumni by the Alumni Development Office using email addresses on file with that Office.  There were 391 responses.   A breakdown of the year of graduation: 
Total Number of Responses: 391 
Percentage of Graduates from 2000s71.4%
Percentage of Graduates from 1990s16.1%
Percentage of Graduates from 1980s7.9%
Percentage of Graduates from 1970s3.3%
Percentage of Graduates from 1960s1.3%

  1. 80% of UOG alumni claim their University education was either very useful (36%) or useful (44%) in preparing them for their jobs.
  2. A majority of the respondents who received their bachelor’s degree from UOG are employed in their major field of study, and felt that their UOG education prepared them for their job. Almost all UOG graduates (95% of respondents) are currently employed.
  3. UOG graduates who responded to the survey (56%) reported that they earned $41K to  $81K and above per annum. In comparison, local residents who participated in the 2010 Guam Census who earned a high school diploma, GED, or alternative credential (18%) reported that they earned $35K to $65K or more per annum.
  4. 77% of UOG alumni were working while attending UOG. 31% said their employment was the result of a practicum, internship, or cooperative learning activity. Academic Advising (42%) and Faculty Mentoring (32%) were University services or resources that benefited graduates the most.
  5. As a result of graduates’ responses through this project, we are prompted to revisit and further review UOG services, events and resources in order to identify opportunities to better serve current students and alumni.

The following are highlights of the responses to the survey.  A complete report of the responses is attached. 
Question:  Which type of degree did you earn from UOG? (check all that apply)
87% of the respondents earned their bachelor’s degree from UOG
27% of the respondents earned their master’s degree from UOG
1% of the respondents earned their associate’s degree from UOG

Question:  What college or school within UOG did you earn your degree?
41% of the respondents earned their degree from the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA)
25% of the respondents earned their degree from the School of Education (SOE)
18% of the respondents earned their degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)
9% of the respondents earned their degree from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS)
6% of the respondents earned their degree from the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS)

Question:  Which of the following University services, events, or resources benefited you? (check all that apply)
Academic Advising:  42%
Faculty Mentoring:   32%
None of the above:  30%       
Student Organization:  26%
Student Counseling: 9%
Other:  9%
Career Placement Office/Services: 6%
Job Fair:  4%

Question:  Are you employed or have you secured employment?
Yes:         95%
No:          5%

Question:   In what range is your current salary?
Less than 20K:    8%
$20k-$40k:        36%
$41k-$60k         29%
$61k-$80k:        18%
$81k+:                  9%

Question:  How well did your UOG education prepare you for your job?
Not Useful:           1%
Neutral:               19%
Useful:                 44%
Very Useful:        36%

For more information, please contact Deborah D. Leon Guerrero, Director for Academic Assessment and Institutional Research at 735-2585, or deborah@uguam.uog.edu, or Norman Analista, Director for Development and Alumni Affairs at 735-2586/797-3333 or nanalista@uguam.uog.edu.
- See more at: http://www.uog.edu/news-announcements/uog-releases-results-of-alumni-survey#sthash.VYYHZ0DR.dpuf

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