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SOE Classes - Spring 2018

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

SOE Alumni Update: WASC Team Praises UOG


April 3, 2009

UOG receives praise from accreditation team leader

By Brett Kelman
Pacific Daily News

Accomplishments made by the University of Guam in recent years, in spite of financial troubles, have been "extraordinary," said the leader of a visiting accreditation team yesterday.

John Welty, chairman of a Western Association of Schools and Colleges team that toured the school this week, presented praise and recommendations during an exit report yesterday. Welty said the struggling economy has caused many mainland schools to adapt to the same kinds of shortfalls that UOG has endured for years.

"Maybe you should take the show on the road," he joked, during the exit report. Welty is President of California State University, Fresno.

UOG requested about $40.5 million for fiscal year 2009 but was appropriated only about $31.2 million, according to Pacific Daily News files. GovGuam has failed to give the university $11.7 million of the money it should have already been allotted this fiscal year, according to UOG Board of Regents resolution.

If the financial situation doesn't improve, Welty advised the school system to keep doing much of what it is already doing. The university has set spending priorities, prepared to cut or cap programs and found other sources of funding.

Welty also said the UOG Board of Regents has "matured" and the school has strong leadership, including "highly regarded" UOG President Robert Underwood. He said the university is much different than the last time he visited.

"And that difference is extremely positive," Welty said. A final report will be submitted by June, he said.

Helen Whippy, UOG's senior vice president of academic and student affairs, said earlier this month she expected WASC to accredit the school for about seven years. She said the worst case scenario was that WASC would extend the school's accreditation for only four years and require regular reporting to keep tabs on its progress.

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An accreditation team said the University of Guam has dealt with financial shortfalls impressively.

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